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General information about cores

The Volvo Penta Exchange system gives access to a comprehensive range of remanufactured components — from injectors and turbos to longblocks, engines and IPS drives — offering a cost-effective alternative to repair and overhaul. All Exchange components are completely restored to a new condition and meet the same stringent quality and safety requirements as new genuine parts.

Exchange components are kept current with technical design changes and are offered with the same warranty as new Genuine Volvo Penta Parts.

When you order an item included in the exchange program, you will be invoiced for it in two separate lines. The first line is for the exchange item and the second line is a provision for the reimbursement of the core when it is returned to us.

When an item that is included in the exchange program is placed in the shopping cart, the associated core will automatically be added to the cart. The cost of the core will be reimbursed when it is returned to us.

Conditions for core returns

In order to receive reimbursement for the core when returned, the core must be complete, clean and fully identifiable, drained of all liquids, free of brackets, pipes and free of damage by fire or collision.

Responsibility and cost of transportation for the return shipment remains yours unless agreed differently with.

Please contact us for full conditions when returning the core.

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