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The QL Boat Trim System is a revolutionary patented system using vertical interceptor blades rather than the conventional plates. Thanks to the water intercept technology you get a smoother ride and more quickly onto the plane.

The innovative design is made of composite material and unlike traditional trim systems, no hydraulics are involved, it is pure electrical. This makes it easy to install, corrosion free and virtually no maintenance is required. For easier operation you can add the Automatic Boat Trim Option and let the system take care of everything when under way. Complies with CE and ABYC requirements.

The main components of the system are:
– Interceptor units.
– Control panel.
– Control unit.
– Plug-in cable harnesses.

– Easy, safe and exact manoeuvring.
– Less drag.
– Quick response.
– Built in trim sensor.
– Control panel with LEDs for precise trim indication.
– Automatic retraction.
– Electrical actuator, no hydraulics needed.
– Electric components “sealed for life”.
– Designed for several helm stations.
– Suitable for multiple installation.
– Composite material, no corrosion.
– Quick and easy to install.
– Small dimensions, light weight.

Many factors affect the choice of properly sized trim unit configurations, and the ultimate responsibility for selection is up to the boat owner. These sizing recommendations are based on average performance. Your choice may vary based on power, engine configuration, weight distribution, type of boat and use. When making a choice, please remember that the largest interceptor configuration that will comfortably fit on the transom will be the most efficient. The QL Boat Trim System is designed to fully replace conventional trim tabs.

Sizing guidelines for planing hulls

For semi-planing hulls, it may be necessary to increase the length of the trim unit configuration.

Boat length, ft Single engine installation Twin engine installation
15-19 QL300  
19-24 QL300  
22-27 QL450 QL450
25-30 QL450 QL450
28-34 QL450 QL450
32-38 QL300 x 2 QL450
36-44 QL450 x 2 QL450 x 2
42-50 QL450 x 2 QL450 x 2
Artikelnr Description Prijs (EUR)
874789 Cable, 6-pole, 5 m  108,13
Motor/aandrijving: All
889550 Cable, 6-pole, 7 m  126,25
Motor/aandrijving: All
889551 Cable, 6-pole, 9 m  148,75
Motor/aandrijving: All
889552 Cable, 6-pole, 11 m  173,75
Motor/aandrijving: All
888013 Cable, 6-pole, 13 m  191,10
Motor/aandrijving: All
21248221 BTS300 kit  0,00
Motor/aandrijving: All
21278216 BTS450 kit  0,00
Motor/aandrijving: All
40005632 Control Panel  0,00
Motor/aandrijving: All
3588972 Y-cable, 6-pole (for 2 helm stations)  93,00
Motor/aandrijving: All
3889410 Extension cable, 6-pole, 1,5 m  96,00
Motor/aandrijving: All
3842733 Extension cable, 6-pole, 3 m  93,00
Motor/aandrijving: All
3842734 Extension cable, 6-pole, 5 m  110,38
Motor/aandrijving: All
3842735 Extension cable, 6-pole, 7 m  130,00
Motor/aandrijving: All
3842736 Extension cable, 6-pole, 9 m  152,50
Motor/aandrijving: All
3842737 Extension cable, 6-pole, 11 m  172,50
Motor/aandrijving: All
21198907 Control unit x 2 (for 2x2 interceptors)  0,00
Motor/aandrijving: All
3817171 Cable, 4-pole (control unit to interceptor) 2,5 m  48,88
Motor/aandrijving: All
3817172 Cable, 4-pole (control unit to interceptor) 4 m  67,50
Motor/aandrijving: All
966689 Fuse  21,75
Motor/aandrijving: All

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