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How we protect your personal data

We would like to inform you of how we handle and save your personal data. We always protect your privacy and will continue to do so in the future. We will never, for example, share your personal data with anyone other than our collaborative partners with which we have agreements guaranteeing that your data is secure.

So that you can understand your rights as one of our customers, we have clarified the conditions that apply to you with a pricacy policy. There you can read more about which personal information is saved and why. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at gdpr@oborgen.se

Privacy policy

What is personal data and what is involved in processing personal data?

Personal data is considered as all types of information that can directly or indirectly be associated with a living physical person. As an example, photographs and audio recordings that are processed in computers can be personal data even if no names are mentioned. Encrypted data and carious types of electronic identities (e.g. IP numbers) are considered as personal data when they can be linked to a physical person.

Who is responsible for the personal data we gather?

MarinePartsEurope.com, org.reg.nr 556925-2801, with address Klangfärgsgatan 4B, 426 52 Västra Frölunda, Sweden, is the entity responsible for the company's processing of personal data.

How we protect your data

We protect your privacy and your personal data with technincal and organizational measures, and we ensure that processing is in accordance with applicable legislation.

How we obtain your data

Your personal data is sent to us via en encrypted connection when you shop at our web shop.

Examples of data we handle

We handle data such as names, surnames, mailing addresses, postal codes, cities, countries, phone numers, email addresses, passwords, IP addresses. This information is necessary for fulfilling our commitments to our customers.

How we use your data

To process a product order - including delivery and payment - we must have your data in our system.

These entities have access to your data

Your personal data is used by MarinePartsEurope.com and MarinePartsEurope.com's data processor. We do not release personal data to other companies if not required by law, ordinances or offical decisions, or to protect our rights or the rights of third parties.

We never transfer, sell or exchange your personal data for marketing purposes to third parties. Data is transferred to third parties only when required to conduct delivery or payment handling.

Examples of third-party companies

1) Shippers (logistics companies and haulers)

2) Payment solutions (card payment processing companies, banks and other payment service suppliers).

3) IT services (companies that handle necesssary hosting, technical support and maintenance for our IT solutions).

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